I hope you enjoy knitting this simple infant mitts pattern. If you have already knit this pattern, feel free to send a photo of the finished items. I will post your photo on this site (along with a credit of course).


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Infant mitts

size 3 knitting needles (use for preemie size)
size 6 knitting needles (use for full-term size)
3-ply baby sport weight yarn
darning needle

Mitts Pattern
cast on 48 stitches
R1-4) Work rib stitch for 4 rows. (K1, P1) across.

R5) (K2 tog.) across. (24 st.)

-------------eyelet row----------------
R6) Purl across.
R7) K1, (yo, K2 tog.) across to last stitch, yo, K1. (25 st.)
R8) Purl across.

infant mitts pattern
-----------seed stitch----------------
R9: (K1, P1) across to last stitch, K1.
Repeat row 9, until piece measures 3" total. (preemie size) - 3-1/2" (full-term size)

R10) (k2 tog.) across to last stitch, K1. (13 st.)
Cut yarn off leaving approx. 10" tail.
Thread tail onto darning needle and run through last 13 stitches.
Pull tight & sew seam.
Run ribbon through eyelet row & tie with bow on front.

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