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Lavender Lovely Art Doll

art doll assemblage

As I was sorting through a box of random beads and broken jewelry, I came across this large purple bead with gold splatters on it.    I felt inspired to use it in a project and started to gather color coordinating bits and pieces.

What evolved a few hours later is this “Lavender Lovely”.   I used heavy black  jewelry wire to attach some broken jewelry pieces for legs.  I ran the wire through some purple buttons and the large purple bead, which I used for the body.   I attached beads and charms for the arms and added a loop in the back for hanging.

I nested two paper flowers and glued them to the top of the bead to frame the face.   I used a 1/2″ circle punch to cut the face from some printed material I had on hand.   After I glued the face to the center of the flowers, I coated it with Diamond Glaze to seal and add some shine.

I think she turned out pretty cute!

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Embroidered Art Dolls


Shown on this page are art dolls that I stitched several years ago.

They are embroidered by hand using primarily the chain stitch.    The doll shown above is the very first one I ever made.  She has hand made paper beads attached for her hair (or crown).


I cut the body shapes from felt, which I then stuffed firmly and stitched shut.  The embroidery was done free hand in chain stitch and each took many hours to complete.


These dolls were a lot of fun to make and the stitching was quite relaxing.

Photos below show both sides of the dolls.

Embroidered Art Doll by Cheryl A. Smith
Embroidered Art Doll by Cheryl A. Smith
Embroidered Art Doll by Cheryl A. Smith

Shrink Plastic Art Doll

shrink art dollThis little art doll was created from an original 9 piece pattern.

My colorful “doodle” design was done with a black ultra-fine sharpie marker and colored pencils.

I incorporated summertime graphics into the design – a sun, a beetle, a bee, a butterfly, a storm cloud, a sunflower and some vines.

I punched a row of holes across the top of her head before shrinking, and attached colorful fibers to create her hair. I added the little purple satin rose with craft wire.

Shrink Plastic Art Doll

The body sections were joined using silver jump rings. She measures just over 5-1/2″ tall. I am very happy with the results! This project was so much fun!

Snow Fairy Art Doll


Inspired by Salley Mavor’s Wee Folk, I made this little snow fairy.

She is about 2-1/2″ tall when standing. She is sporting a white flower petal skirt and white wool top embroidered with metallic gold thread. Her little hat is crocheted from white thread, and her wings are a tiny gold mesh material.

She is special to me because the bead I used for her head was mixed in with a box of hobby & needlework supplies that belonged to my Grandmother, who passed away in 2004. I had been saving the bead (which already had the face painted on it) to make something special. So now I have my little snow fairy to sit on my computer monitor and remind me of my Grandma.