More Framed Inchies


I have traded many inchies over the years.  I currently have 6 frames, holding 100 inchies each, hanging on the walls in my apartment.

Inchies are miniature artworks that measure 1 inch square.  Inchies can be drawn, painted, stitched, beaded, collaged, made with Origami or cut paper, made from polymer clay, metal, or any material that you can think of.


Inchies can be flat or dimensional, they can be interactive and fold or slide open to reveal a hidden area.

Most commonly inchies are drawn, collaged, or painted on card stock or other firm strata such as watercolor paper or recycled boxes, that has been cut or punched to a one inch square size.

Highly rated 1-inch punch:

More inchie info can be found here: