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Snow Fairy Art Doll


Inspired by Salley Mavor’s Wee Folk, I made this little snow fairy.

She is about 2-1/2″ tall when standing. She is sporting a white flower petal skirt and white wool top embroidered with metallic gold thread. Her little hat is crocheted from white thread, and her wings are a tiny gold mesh material.

She is special to me because the bead I used for her head was mixed in with a box of hobby & needlework supplies that belonged to my Grandmother, who passed away in 2004. I had been saving the bead (which already had the face painted on it) to make something special. So now I have my little snow fairy to sit on my computer monitor and remind me of my Grandma.

Fabric Chunky Page – Flower

fabric chunky page flower

I made this fabric chunky page for a swap.  I stamped muslin with garden and flower related words to use as my background.  I cut and appliqued the flower using embroidery floss and blanket stitch.

I found the cute little Georgia state image on another piece of fabric, and zig-zag stitched it to the back side.

Then I stitched a verse for the front and my name and info for the back side on Aida fabric and attached the pieces with a simple stitch around the border.

I can’t remember if I used felt or quilt batting to pad the middle … but I used embroidery floss to add stitches through the layers to “quilt it” a bit.  I added the piped edge which I stitched around with white embroidery floss.

I then threaded some beads to matching purple yarn and safety pinned it to the back side as an extra touch of embellishment.


Mandala Chunky Pages with String Art

Doodled Mandala with String Art.

I made several chunky pages for a Mandala chunky page swap at (swap open until March 23rd).

Mandala chunky page.
Finished chunky page made from doodled Mandala with string art.

I started with re-purposed cardboard from cereal boxes, which I cut to 4″ x 4′. I lightly sanded the printed side to help the glue adhere better. I then glued printed scrapbook papers over the cardboard.
Doodled Mandala with a touch of string art.I doodled the Mandalas with a Sharpie marker and an Indian ink pen.  I added a little bit of sparkle with a Gelly Roll pen and some glitter glue.

I added the string art by punching holes with an awl along the border, and then stitching craft thread through the holes.

For the finished pages I added small Mandala charms.  I made them with 1″ circles punched from cardboard covered with printed scrapbook papers and doodled with mini Mandalas.  I sandwiched satin ribbon between the layers and looped it through punched holes in the page.

Mandala Chunky Pages.
Mandala Chunky Pages.