Inch sized paper doll cat
Inchie sized cat paper doll

I have been participating in the Inchie-A-thon that is going on over at (which continues through Jun 22).   An “Inchie-A-thon” is an online art party where artists gather in an online forum to make, share, and trade art.  Because artists from around the world participate, the party goes on around the clock.  You can play a little while or all week – depending on your schedule and interest.

Above is shown the coolest thing I made over the weekend.  An inchie sized (1″ x 1″) kitty cat paper doll.  The head, bow, legs, and tail are attached with mini brads.  It was surprisingly simple to make.

Below are a few of the other inchies I made this weekend:

“late for breakfast” inchies
colored pencil cats
image and text collage inchies
bunny inchies: colored pencil and Indian ink

Most of my inchies were drawn with Faber Castell Indian ink pens and colored pencils, a couple were made with printed image and text collage.